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Why Is My Order Not Yet Shipped?

Your order may have not been shipped yet due to any or one of the reasons below: 


1. You ordered an item in BK or not in stock 

When will the item/s return to stock? 


2. You placed an item in stock, then suddenly turned out of stock


3. You request to put your order to be put on hold


4. We require payment security check on your order  


5. Others. If the reason is not mentioned above, click here to contact Live Customer Support for further assistance. 

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  • Avatar
    Sven Miether

    Schönen guten Tag


    Können sie mir sagen wann ungefähr die wtf windy Lüfter ankommen werden?
    Mit freundlichen Grüßen Sven Miether

  • Avatar
    James Nagase

    Wondering why my order hasn't been shipped out yet? The invoice showed everything was in stock when I ordered. I didn't receive any notice telling me something is backordered or anything. Usually I get a notice the next day about shipment and tracking.

  • Avatar
    David Leath

    I too am just left to wonder about my order. All in stock when I ordered one charger. That was last Friday. Now it is Tuesday the following week and still just wondering. Had I known that there would have been a delay I would not have bothered ordering from this site. Dropped the ball badly on my first order from them. Rate them very poor. Nevermore.

  • Avatar
    Manuel González roca

    Hola el 20 /09/18 hice el pedido y desde entonces pone prosesando en el estado del pedido y a día de oy 04 /10 /18 ko se nada del pedido

  • Avatar
    Wolfgang Kupke

    Wan bekomme ich meine Bestellung vom 13.09.2018 bestell Nr.300162629

  • Avatar
    Ad Sebrechts

    Wanneer komt mijn bestelling ordernummer 1000030095 vriendelijke groet Ad Sebrechts Hoogerheide Nederland

  • Avatar
    carlos Rios Muñoz

    Yo sigo esperando my ESC 50 Amperes,no se por que no llega.
    Me estoy mosqueando, ya compre uno en EBAY tampoco llego me hicieron un reembolso.

  • Avatar
    Jens Huppers

    Hallo.Meine Bestellung ist bisher noch nicht angekommen.Wann kann ich damit rechnen? Order Nr # 300172450 Vielen Dank im voraus

  • Avatar
    Jim Reed

    Seams to me that HK needs to address all these shipping delays. I work daily with FEDEX and they are not the cause of these delays. I also notice the funds are transferred out of my account immediately, but the order has now been waiting for movement for three days. And I feel like you take the money and then hold the order until it is the most inconvenient for the customer. Are you trying to destroy your customer relations? The extra dollar we save by ordering from you is not going to be worth the delays soon, we won't order from you and instead order from the next upstart that comes along. If you want loyal customers, then start treating us with loyalty.

  • Avatar
    Niels Just Andersson

    I'm wondering not to have received my order yet ordre no. 101616829 ordered 11/8/2018

  • Avatar
    Alexander Erhardt


    I need my order 300175079. Is not shipped since 16 Days! Please help!


    A. Erhardt

  • Avatar
    jose rosado

    Mi orden 101644500 sige en proceso me gustaria saber el estado de mi orden y por que esta demorando

  • Avatar
    Norbert Wiethaup

    Guten Tag, vor mehr 14 Tagen habe ich eine Bestellung aus dem EU Warenhaus aufgegeben. Die Order Nr. ist 300176346. Wann bekomme ich die Ware?

  • Avatar
    Bereczki Ernő

    #101671220 Hi! My order is processing. How much time is processing yet? I have been ordering from EU warehouse, I hope you will be here fast! :) AS BEFORE. Thanks!

  • Avatar
    Malcolm Beard

    HobbyKing customer service is now terrible. Order with everything shown as in stock has not been shipped for over 8 days. (One item subsequently proved to actually be out of stock, so a credit was raised for this) However the order still has not been shipped over a week later. Four attempts to resolve via chat have failed, as despite waiting on line for over an hour on two occasions, an operator has not responded to the chat . Very disappointed at how bad HobbyKing have got.

  • Avatar
    Andreas Herzberg

    Hallo wann kann ich mit meiner Bestellung rechnen 300179606. Habe auch noch Express Versand bezahlt. Meldung über meinen Versand Status habe ich auch nicht bekommen.Bestellung wurde am 29.11.2018 getätigt.

    Gruss Andreas

  • Avatar
    Russ Failing

    Order 101544009: Still waiting for part No. 91710006930 from Hong Kong. Ordered several weeks ago. When will it be delivered?

    Order 101666208: Still waiting for part No. 0150002410 from Hong Kong. Ordered several weeks ago. When will it be delivered?

  • Avatar
    Hans-Peter Totz

    My order 101643996 has not been delieverd yet. Why? Shipping Information was on 22. 11. 2018

  • Avatar
    HOAREAU Edouard

    Bonjour, je voudrais savoir car je n'ai toujours pas reçu ma commande 22200106327 12/09/2018
    j'ai commandé autre chose bien après et je l'ai reçu.
    merci de me donner des nouvelles cordialement edouard

  • Avatar
    HOAREAU Edouard

    My order 22200106327 12/09/2018 has not been delieverd yet. Why?

  • Avatar
    András Pénzes

    My order 101674042 has not been delivered.
    When can I get this order?
    András Pénzes

  • Avatar
    Rafael Cortes Garrido

    mi pedido con numero 400056686 no tengo noticia del mismo ruego que meden solucion gracias rafacor@telefonica.net

  • Avatar
    Eric Larsson

    looking for order #101717687. Honestly if this is what we get for customer service count me out. The item is supposed to be in Portland. I live 1 hr from there. It's been 2 wks. Sketchy service for a discount

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