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Why Is My Order Not Yet Shipped?

Your order may have not been shipped yet due to any or one of the reasons below: 


1. You ordered an item in BK or not in stock 

When will the item/s return to stock? 


2. You placed an item in stock, then suddenly turned out of stock


3. You request to put your order to be put on hold


4. We require payment security check on your order  


5. Others. If the reason is not mentioned above, click here to contact Live Customer Support for further assistance. 

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  • Avatar
    Sven Miether

    Schönen guten Tag


    Können sie mir sagen wann ungefähr die wtf windy Lüfter ankommen werden?
    Mit freundlichen Grüßen Sven Miether

  • Avatar
    James Nagase

    Wondering why my order hasn't been shipped out yet? The invoice showed everything was in stock when I ordered. I didn't receive any notice telling me something is backordered or anything. Usually I get a notice the next day about shipment and tracking.

  • Avatar
    David Leath

    I too am just left to wonder about my order. All in stock when I ordered one charger. That was last Friday. Now it is Tuesday the following week and still just wondering. Had I known that there would have been a delay I would not have bothered ordering from this site. Dropped the ball badly on my first order from them. Rate them very poor. Nevermore.

  • Avatar
    Manuel González roca

    Hola el 20 /09/18 hice el pedido y desde entonces pone prosesando en el estado del pedido y a día de oy 04 /10 /18 ko se nada del pedido

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